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Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type Date Added
Bijal Sanghani Closing Plenary Closing of EIX WG application/ 2013-10-18
Will Hargrave Closing Plenary Reducing the Impact of IXP Maintenance application/ 2013-10-18
Menno Schepers Closing Plenary Technical Report application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-18
Rob Blokzijl Closing Plenary Closing Plenary application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-18
Arthur Carindal NRO/RIR Reports AFRINIC Update RIPE-67 application/pdf 2013-10-18
Axel Pawlik NRO/RIR Reports NRO Update application/ 2013-10-18
Ingrid Wijte NRO/RIR Reports NRO Statistics application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Luisa Villa NRO/RIR Reports LACNIC UPDATE application/ 2013-10-17
Gordon Lennox Closing Plenary Defining the "public Internet" application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Nigel Hickson Cooperation Europe Strategy application/ 2013-10-17
Razvan C. Oprea MAT Mapping the Dutch Critical Infrastructure application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Chris Buckridge Cooperation Looking Ahead to 2014 application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Vesna Manojlovic MAT RIPEstat Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Vesna Manojlovic MAT RIPE Atlas Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Thorsten Kraft Anti-Abuse ACDC presentation application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.documentapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
MAT WG Chairs MAT Agenda application/pdf 2013-10-17
Emile Aben MAT Router Geolocation application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Tobias Knecht Anti-Abuse X-ARF application/ 2013-10-17
Jean-David LEHMANN Routing Evolving Peering with a New Router Architecture application/ 2013-10-17
Denis Walker Anti-Abuse abuse-c update application/ 2013-10-17
Denis Walker Routing aut-num object application/ 2013-10-17
Alex Band Routing RPKI Minority Space application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Athina Fragkouli Cooperation Update on EU Developments and Engagement, Including Proposed eID and NIS Legislation application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Martin j. Levy EIX Peering Personal application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Zoltan Szamonek Database Self published geo feeds application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Selina Harrington NRO/RIR Reports IANA Update application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Nick Hilliard EIX The future of the EIX Working Group application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Ruediger Volk Database Database Operational Update application/pdf 2013-10-17
Johan Åhlén and Denis Walker Database Database update application/ 2013-10-17
Will van Gulik EIX Peering Personal - IP-Max SA - AS25091 application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Kurt Erik Lindqvist EIX Netnod update application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Harald Michl EIX IXP Wish List Review application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Ondrej Filip EIX NIX.CZ update application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Kurt Erik Lindqvist EIX Netnod peering personals application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Nigel Titley Database Action Update application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.documentapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Wolfgang Tremmel EIX DE-CIX Apollon Migration Update application/ 2013-10-17
Mauro Magrassi EIX MIX Update application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Peter Losher EIX Peering Personal - ISC/F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET application/ 2013-10-17
Kay Rechthien EIX Innovative route-server features to assist customers application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Marco & Andrew IPv6 IPv6 Only Network application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Wolfgang Tremmel EIX UAE-IX Update application/ 2013-10-17
Yannis Nikolopoulos IPv6 Case Study: An ISP IPv6 Addressing Plan application/pdfvideo 2013-10-17
Jen Linkova IPv6 IPv6 Source Addresses: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? application/ 2013-10-17
Anastasios Chatzithomaoglou IPv6 Moving On... IPv6, DS-Lite & PCP application/ 2013-10-16
Anastasios Chatzithomaoglou Routing Reinventing the Access Network application/ 2013-10-16
Filiz Yilmaz Plenary Panel: Brokers and IPv4 Transfer Market application/pdf 2013-10-16
Axel Pawlik RIPE NCC General Meeting Draft Activity Plan and Budget 2014 application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-10-16
Serge Radovcic RIPE NCC Services RIPE NCC Survey Results application/ 2013-10-16
Axel Pawlik RIPE NCC Services RIPE NCC Outlook application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Andrew de la Haye RIPE NCC Services Operational Update RIPE 67 application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Brian Nisbet Anti-Abuse Anti-Abuse WG RIPE67 Agenda application/ 2013-10-16
Peter Lothberg, Mikael Abrahamsson IPv6 Terastream IPv6 Details application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Willem Toorop DNS Which habitat fits your name server’s nature best? application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Benedikt Stockebrand IPv6 Small Scale Redundant IPv6 Uplinks without BGP application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Anand Buddhdev DNS RIPE NCC DNS Update application/ 2013-10-16
Kurtis Lindqvist RIPE NCC Services Policy proposal update application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Dave Knight DNS Introducing Hedgehog application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Kurtis Lindqvist RIPE NCC Services Agenda application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Jan Zorz Address Policy Interpretation of policy language application/ 2013-10-16
Tore Anderson Address Policy 2013-03 status update application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Tomas Hlavacek DNS IP fragmentation attack on DNS application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Carsten Schiefner DNS ENUM Status application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Sascha Pollok Address Policy APWG Introduction to 2013-05 application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Ondrej Filip Open Source Open source WG Agenda application/pdf 2013-10-16
Ingrid Wijte Address Policy Current Policy Topics application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Nat Morris Open Source Overcoming traditional network limitations with open source application/ 2013-10-16
Willem Toorop Open Source NSD4 Almost released application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Willem Toorop DNS Using Path MTU Discovery (PMTUD) for better IPv6 DNS responsiveness application/pdfvideo 2013-10-16
Andrea Cima Address Policy Registration Services Feedback application/ 2013-10-15
Yannis Nikolopoulos IPv6 Case Study: An ISP IPv6 Addressing Plan application/pdf 2013-10-15
Gert Döring Address Policy APWG steering slides, Set 2 application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Gert Döring Address Policy APWG steering slides, Set 1 application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Elvis Daniel Velea Address Policy PA/PI - Unification of IPv6 Address Space application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Zuzana Duracinska IPv6 Governments Enabled with IPv6 application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Kostas Zorbadelos DNS Anycasting the DNS resolving service for a country-wide ISP network application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Geoff Huston NRO/RIR Reports APNIC Update application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Florian Streibelt DNS Client-IP EDNS Option Concerns application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Geoff Huston Plenary Lightning Talk - Facebook and the GFW of China application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Jim Reid DNS DITL Crunching application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-10-15
Scott Wilkerson Open Source Building and Maintaining the Nagios Ecosystem application/ 2013-10-15
Roland Dobbins Plenary Breaking the Bank application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Enrico Gregori MAT PORTOLAN Probing the Internet through Smartphone-based Crowdsourcing application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Mark Townsley Plenary Routing IPv6 in the Homenet application/pdfvideo 2013-10-15
Alexander Azimov Plenary Route Policy Verification application/pdfvideo 2013-10-14
Lee Howard Plenary Total Cost of IPv4-IPv6 Transition application/ 2013-10-14
Jari Arkko Plenary Pervasive Monitoring and the Internet application/pdfvideo 2013-10-14
Brian Nisbet Plenary Imprecise Network Monitoring Tools application/ 2013-10-14
Tore Anderson Plenary Deploying IPv6 in 10 days: 24 Media application/pdfvideo 2013-10-14
Maarten Botterman, Franck Le Gall Plenary Results of the 2013 GLobal IPv6 Deployment survey application/ 2013-10-14
Nathalie Trenaman Plenary IPv6 at Home application/pdfvideo 2013-10-14
Yannis Mitsos Plenary Welcome by the host application/pdfvideo 2013-10-14
Laurent Vanbever Plenary Novel Applications for a SDN-enabled Internet Exchange Point application/pdfvideo 2013-10-14
Axel Pawlik Newcomers' Intro Newcomers' Introduction to the RIPE NCC application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-10-14
Rob Blokzijl Newcomers' Intro Introduction to the RIPE NCC application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-10-14
Stéphane Bortzmeyer Tutorials/Workshops Creating and Analysing RIPE Atlas Measurements application/pdf 2013-10-14
Lee Howard Plenary The State of IPv6 Only application/ 2013-10-14
Vesna Manojlovic Workshop Getting the most from RIPEstat application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-10-14
Filiz Yilmaz Plenary RIPE Programme Committee application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-14
Georgios Smaragdakis Plenary Enabling ISP-CDN Collaboration application/pdfvideo 2013-10-13
Thorsten Kraft Anti-Abuse ACDC flyer, background information application/pdf 2013-10-13
Wout de Natris Plenary ACDC folder application/pdf 2013-10-13
Wout de Natris Plenary ACDC Lighting Talk presentation RIPE 67 application/ 2013-10-13
Wout de Natris BoF ACDC outreach background presentation RIPE 67 application/ 2013-10-13
Peter Lothberg Plenary TeraStream – A Simplified IP Network Service Delivery Model application/pdfvideo 2013-10-13
Marco Hogewoning IPv6 IPv6 Steering Slides - day 2 application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2013-10-13
Marco Hogewoning IPv6 IPv6 Steering Slides application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2013-10-13
Andrew Yourtchenko Closing Plenary Run your next CGN on a $20 OpenWRT application/ 2013-10-12
Donald Eastlake 3rd Tutorials/Workshops TRILL Tutorial application/ 2013-10-12
Ralf Weber DNS Defeating DNS Amplification Attacks application/ 2013-10-12
Geoff Huston IPv6 Global State of IPv6 Deployment Since IPv6 Launch Day application/pdfvideo 2013-10-11
Geoff Huston DNS DNS over TCP Analysis application/pdfvideo 2013-10-10
Geoff Huston Plenary Measuring DNSSEC application/pdfvideo 2013-10-10
Aaron Hughes NRO/RIR Reports ARIN Update application/ 2013-10-10
Pierre-Antoine Vervier Plenary SpamTracer: Tracking Fly-By Spammers application/pdfvideo 2013-10-10
Paul van Brouwershaven Tutorials/Workshops A tutorial on how you can host multiple SSL Certificates on a single IP address without losing any backward compatibility application/ 2013-10-10
Guillaume Valadon Plenary French Internet Resilience Observatory application/pdfvideo 2013-10-10

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