Daily Meeting Report

437 attendees checked in so far!

RIPE 67 Plenary – Tuesday, 09:00-10:30

PlenaryTuesday’s plenary sessions kicked off with a talk by Nathalie Trenaman, in which she recounted her personal experiences with setting up IPv6 at home. Her conclusion? Alhtough it’s expensive and time consuming, there are still new technologies and protocols being developed to make it possible.

Mark Townsley, Cisco Systems, followed up on the topic of IPv6 at home with his talk “IETF Homenet – Routing IPv6 in the Home”. He explained the details of how Homenet, an IETF Working Group, aims to make IPv6 routing work within the home.

Lee Howard, Time Warner Cable, gave a talk about the cost of the IPv4-IPv6 transition that included hard dollar figures on the price difference between deploying dual-stack network using IPv6 versus opting for CGN. His conclusion? You should have deployed IPv6 ten years ago.

RIPE 67 Plenary – Tuesday, 11:00-12:30

Roland Dobbins, Arbor Networks, presented an analysis of the 2012 – 2013 ‘triple crown’ financial industry DDoS attacks. He described in detail the characteristics of the attacks and the lessons learned.

Geoff Huston, APNIC, presented the results of research about measuring DNSSEC, describing the way in which DNSSEC validation is used worldwide and how long this validation takes. He also proposed some possible ways to improve the process.

Pierre-Antoine Vervier, Symantec Research Labs, presented a case study on “fly-by spammers” – people who hijack address space for spamming purposes. He explained the difficulties people may face in discovering fly-by spammers and presented potential ways to track them and prevent them from hijacking address space.

RIPE 67 Plenary – Tuesday, 14:00-15:30

Alexander Azimov, Highload Lab, presented on route policy verification. He covered why we need route policy data, the problems with current route policy data, the verification data he used, and his results.

Guillaume Valadon and François Contat, ANSSI, jointly presented on the French Internet Resilience Observatory, which studies the French Internet in detail, develops technical interactions with the networking community, publishes anonymised results, and publishes recommendations and best practices.

Jari Arkko, Ericsson, gave a talk called “Pervasive Monitoring and the Internet” that garnered a lot of audience interest and comments while trying to encourage a discussion about how Internet technology can better support security and privacy.

RIPE 67 Plenary – Tuesday, 16:00-17:30

PanelRIPE PC Chair, Filiz Yilmaz, led a panel on the IPv4 transfer market with panelists Peter Thimmesch of Addrex Inc., Louis Sterchi of Kalorama Group, Jeff Mehlenbacher of IPv4 Market Group, Andrea Cima of the RIPE NCC, and Geoff Huston. Attendees got an inside view of the IPv4 broker world as well as the view from the RIPE NCC.

Geoff Huston, APNIC, gave an entertaining analysis of how DNS works within the GFW (Greate Firewall) of China. Brian Nisbet, HEAnet, continued with an interesting talk about using twitter for monitoring. Wout de Natris, eco, finished with an introdcution to ACDC (Advanced Cyber Defence Centre).

Tuesday’s Birds of Feather (BoF) Session and Workshop

Wout de Natris, eco, led the BoF “Advanced Cyber Defence Centre (ACDC) Discussion”, which explained that ACDC is an EU project to mitigate botnets at different levels. Wout invited those in attendance to get involved by participating in the development of ACDC and cooperating in the experiments ACDC will run in the coming two years.

During the “Getting the Most from RIPEstat” workshop, Vesna Manojlovic and Chris Amin of the RIPE NCC demonstrated how users can take advantage of this web-based interface that provides everything you ever wanted to know about IP address space, Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), and related information for hostnames and countries in one place.

GCCIX Party at Gazarte

RIPE 67 attendees enjoyed drinks, dancing, good conversation, and a great view of Athens from the open-air terrace on the top floor of Gazarte in one of Athen’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. Thanks to our sponsor, GCCIX, for the great time that was had by all!