Daily Meeting Report

470 attendees!

RIPE 67 Plenary – NRO/RIR Reports

The final day of RIPE 67 saw the Athens sunshine return for the bright and early NRO/RIR Reports plenary session. Representatives from each of the five RIRs except AFRINIC gave updates on their organisations’ latest activities and priorities, including Geoff Huston, APNIC Chief Scientist; Aaron Hughes, ARIN Board of Trustees; Luisa Villa, LACNIC Customer Services Manager; and Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC Managing Director. Ingrid Wijte, RIPE NCC, also gave an update on the latest NRO statistics and Selina Harrington, IANA, gave the IANA update.

With only one candidate, Filiz Yilmaz, for the available space on RIPE Program Committee (PC), attendees voted to allow Filiz to take the seat without holding an election.

RIPE 67 Closing Plenary

Andrew Yourtchenko, Cisco, gave an in-depth presentation about how to run a CGN on a $20 OpenWrt.

Will Hargrave, LONAP, gave a lightning talk about reducing the impact of IXP maintenance by switching up the usual order of things.

Gordon Lennox gave a lightning talk about defining the public Internet in which he suggested the Internet is not a network of networks, but a collection of services that others make available. His talk garnered many comments from attendees.

Bijal Sanghani, Euro-IX, announced the decision that was reached the day before at the EIX Working Group session to dissolve that working group and create a new Interconnection BoF in its place. She thanked the EIX Working Group Chairs, Fearghas McKay and Andy Davidson, and invited Mauro Magrassi, Mix Milan, to explain what the focus of the new BoF will be.

Jan Žorž, Internet Society (ISOC), and Benno Overeinder, NLnet Labs, presented their proposal to start a new Operations Working Group, after two successful “best operational practices” BoFs at RIPE 66 and RIPE 67. There were comments from several attendees about whether a working group is the best way to proceed, and RIPE Chair Rob Blokzijl suggested that Jan and Benno start with an Operations Task Force for the time being, before potentially developing this into a working group.

Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC, announced the results of the election that took place earlier that morning for the vacant seat on the NRO Number Council. The three candidates received the following number of votes: Alain Bidron, 17 votes; Sander Steffann, 37 votes; and Filiz Yilmaz, 37 votes. Because there was a tie between two of the candidates and there is no official procedure about how to resolve a tie, Axel asked Brian Nisbet, HEAnet, to draw a vote at random from the election box. As a result, Filiz Yilmaz was declared the winner.

RIPE Chair Rob Blokzijl gave the closing plenary presentation and reviewed the facts and figures of RIPE 67. There were 421 attendees (470 including RIPE NCC staff) including 116 newcomers.

Rob also announced that, after nearly 25 years of chairing RIPE Meetings and leading the RIPE community, he has decided the time has come to step down. He has appointed Hans Petter Holen, Visma, as the RIPE Deputy Chair, a new role. Hans Petter will take over as RIPE Chair at the end of the next RIPE Meeting in May 2014. Rob assured everyone that even after the next RIPE Meeting, he would certainly not disappear from the community.

He closed the session and the meeting by thanking all those involved in its organisation and inviting everyone to RIPE 68 in Warsaw in May 2014.