Parallel Events

Workshop “IPv6 deployment: trends and perspectives”

The IPv6 Observatory is a study funded by the European Commission that aims at monitoring the deployment of IPv6 at a worldwide level. After almost two years (starting begin of 2011), the study’s team has collected a huge amount of data through a wide set of indicators, either using its custom tool v6DEMON or existing monitoring sources which facilitate the drawing on an IPv6 deployment status.

The main objective of this workshop is to bring together stakeholders involved in IPv6 deployment in order to assess the actual status of the deployment to compare what has been done in Europe to other regions of the world and forecast next steps at the EU level.

When: 14 October 2013
IPv6 deployment: trends and perspectives

ENISA Workshop on Resilience of Network Interconnections

In this workshop ENISA would like to present to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), network operators and other interested parties different approaches from different European countries, the preliminary results of ENISA’s 2013 project on Internet Interconnections and get comments and feedback.

The objective is to explore possible ways to assess the state of network interconnections for Critical Infrastructures and services at national level, identify possible weak points and develop a strategy to address issues in cooperation with the network operators’ community.

When: 14 October 2013
ENISA Workshop on Resilience of Network Interconnections

ACDC Botnet Project Discussion

When: 17 October 2013, 18:00-19:00
Where: Sigma + Theta Room